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Title: Web Development, May 2022
Post by: CSR Mpls on May 05, 2022, 05:45:53 pm
CSR Mpls Web Development, May 2022

Counties of Hennepin, Carver & Scott
Official (Hub) Website: www.csrmpls.info (https://csrmpls.info)

In this Topic, I will work to regularly add comments below updating you all about the objectives and changes made in this process.  Those that are comfortable creating a profile, and adding their own comments & questions below are welcome to do so.  There is a chatroom feature that I want to promote and facilitate Live community questions and conversation about this work.

An underlying priority is to establish basic philosophies and outline what all this work is about, how it started, and what I bring to this Project Development.  This particular Forum is dedicated to the CSR Mpls demographic, and will help me breakdown the details as things progress.  However, a very important format will be through publishing Podcasts talking to directly you, the Community.

I do know that there are Community members that are sight and hearing impaired, as well as those that are more comfortable use another language.  Those are challenges I am glad to address and resolve when I have the support and means to do so.A very basic priority is the updating of the design framework for the official websites, as well as this Forums website.  Like I mentioned above, a very high priority needing my time is the development of the CSR Mpls Podcast Channel, which can be found (when available) on the Podcast page, https://csrmpls.info/podcasts  It can also be found on the actual Podbean Podcast platform, https://csrmpls.podbean.com  One thing to remember is that, as the developer of this work, I have not received any paycheck, or salary during this eleven year development process.  So, every day, every step I take to do this work is investing in showing you, the community, the value of this concept and my vision for these services and products.  As well as, leading by example, providing understanding of walking the talk! This Project of Service to the Community is not here to participate in or support our communities continued failure to produce change and justice on a higher level.  As the leader and developer of this Project of Service, I am very excited to show you all more of the truth of our capacity of our community.  CSR stands for Community Social Responsibility, something we all have!  Thank you for visiting, and I hope to hear from those of you who want to see powerfully positive, and genuine progress in our community!
Title: Re: Web Development, May 2022
Post by: CSR Mpls on May 11, 2022, 06:17:17 pm
So far this month I have not done much of any work on the CSR Mpls website content and resource listings.

My focus at this moment is to get the CSR Direct Project Podcast created and started.

For the past few years I have been working on creating customized personal and Project planners, organizers and journal sheets.  This has been most time consuming as well, yet very important and productive for a much more smooth process of developing the CSR Direct Project, as well as CSR Minneapolis.

I believe the first thing I will be working on regarding CSR Minneapolis will also be the Podcast Channel.

I have a great deal of appreciation for those interested in staying in touch with this work.  I has already, and will continue to be a significant benefit for the Community!

Thanks again for my recent sponsor, Greg T.  There is an urgency for me to find new sponsors and donations for this online content for the month of June.

Thanks again for any and all direct support.
David Jordahl, developer, administrator
The CSR Direct Project