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Title: Web Development October 2021
Post by: CSR Mpls on October 11, 2021, 11:37:51 pm
CSR Mpls: Hennepin, Carver & Scott counties.

CSR Mpls Web Development, October 2021

This month I have been getting settled in my new home.  At some point I will tell you all about that, but I think after I talk about how this work started while staying in the Minneapolis / Hennepin County shelter system.

I have been doing a little updating of the design framework, here and there.  The other thing I have been planning to work on is the CSR Mpls Podcast Channel, which can be found on the Podcast page, https://csrmpls.info/podcasts (https://csrmpls.info/podcasts)  It can also be found on the actual Podbean Podcast platform, https://csrmpls.podbean.com (https://csrmpls.podbean.com)

One thing to remember is that, as the developer of this work, I have not gotten any paycheck, or salary.  So, every day, every step I take to do this work is investing in show you the community, the value of this concept and my vision for the community.